Premier Online Gaming Community Video

Premier Online Gaming are creating a community Fortnite video and are looking for footage from you!

If you have footage of kills, 360 no-scopes, epic build battles and the likes, submit your videos here.

Videos need to be of high visual quality to feature (preferably in 16:9 of at least 720 or 900).

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Race to the Crown winners — Team Atlantis!

This weekend saw Premier Online Gaming host our first custom Fortnite squads tournament for quite some time but with a little twist — the first squad to reach 13 points was declared the winner. The point system was simple:

  • Victory Royales = 4 points
  • 5+ eliminations in a match = 2 points

The tournament features a slew of top tier organisations and teams such as the highly popular Team Secret, Team Atlantis and Mousesports.

Each team that won a match did so by getting both the win and 5+ eliminations.

Up until Game 4, it looked like it was a four horse race between Team Secret, Kinguin Black, Purge Dragons and Thunderboys, first two teams on 10 points and last two teams on 8 points. Team Atlantis on the other hand, had other ideas...

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New website!

Premier Online Gaming is delighted to welcome you to our new website. We will post tournament announcement, Fortnite news and other related news here.

Please be patient whilst we get things in place and we hope you continue to come back for more updates.

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