Race to the Crown winners — Team Atlantis!

This weekend saw Premier Online Gaming host our first custom Fortnite squads tournament for quite some time but with a little twist — the first squad to reach 13 points was declared the winner. The point system was simple:

  • Victory Royales = 4 points
  • 5+ eliminations in a match = 2 points

The tournament features a slew of top tier organisations and teams such as the highly popular Team Secret, Team Atlantis and Mousesports.

Each team that won a match did so by getting both the win and 5+ eliminations.

Up until Game 4, it looked like it was a four horse race between Team Secret, Kinguin Black, Purge Dragons and Thunderboys, first two teams on 10 points and last two teams on 8 points. Team Atlantis on the other hand, had other ideas. Sitting on 4 points at the start of Game 5, Team Atlantis went on to get the maximum points from the last two games and saw Team Secret and Kinguin Black get four points and two points respectively to lose their grip on the Race to the Crown tournament win.

The final standings were:

Pos Team name Player 1 Player 2 Player 3 Player 4 Wins Pts
1 Team Atlantis Mitr0 Villex Juganza Magin 2 16
2 Team Secret Secret Osmo Secret Mongraal Secret Domentos Milan__o 1 14
4 PURGE DRAGONS DRA DeNiisS DRA Tolezito PURGE stompy. PURGE Tschlnken. 1 10
4 Thunderboys TCK Nyhrox SjokoladenTwitch MOCKIT Niico Secret_Sak0ner 1 10
5 Octagon Boyerxd SockaGG SeverinFN Sieba 6
5 Team Squash Finnex Jakei Mexe Coffeh 6
5 mousesports mouz TheVs mouz Crabble mouz Surgetale mouz Mops 6
6 High Rise HR Feld0n HR Aice HR Blurry Arcticon 4
6 Epsilon Esports Kling Zyppan Gandulf Sandell 4
6 Fact Revolution FACT lolb0om FACT koldozi FACT Gh0sT Silent Stevlar 4
6 eternal aphex- chuuuuckyyy iC-pixursus ShÂou 4
7 pacific pacific balu a1ms0nz- Fledermoys Nico 2nd 3
8 TeamQueso TQ Clynt TQ Naranj1t0 TQ Prisi0n3r0 TQ Pøtatø 2
8 Team Occult Occult Kris Occult Verox SvendPro yaM Horace 2
8 Vulcan J A N N I S_ TTV Zydo_ preachhh nNcK. 2
9 Alliance Tommo RizaaR OB7 Three 0
9 Gambit&Noobs Gambit Pate1k MrSavage blood Gambit FweaxY 0
9 Team FAITH Jjessei Qua4Dra TTV Twitch ummayy Veineless 0
9 Crazy Crew DRA Broken PablochosEZ G-Lab Smokq briinixx ϟ 0
9 Team Trihard EVERSIO Wam Snoda Αerah Underrated Litr0 0
9 RKS Esports RKS Pyke RKS EthannM RKS Amusor Xypher pepper 0
9 OnFire Red OnF.Red teeq OnF.Red SzymeN OnF.Red OSZKI OnF.Red Proshmei 0

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