About Us

Premier Online Gaming was founded in February 2018 as a multi-gaming competitive community catering for Fortnite and Unreal Tournament 4 players. In May 2018, POG became solely involved in Fortnite with the introduction of custom Fortnite tournaments. Our reputation in the competitive Fortnite scene has grown along with the size of our community. In September 2018, POG welcomed its 10,000th member in Discord and there are no signs of slowing down!

“Premier Online Gaming is ran by gamers, for gamers!”

The owners of POG, M-B and adumj, have been around competitive gaming for decades. M-B started playing Unreal Tournament 99 back in 2002 playing cups and tournaments at the now defunct websites such as ProvingGround and ClanBase before moving on to a more casual console gaming experience, but always craving that competitive PC gaming experience. Adumj boasts a wealth of expertise in competitive gaming by being a member of Team Discipline CoD2 team and being ranked as the second best rifleman on Tek-9.

Admins of POG, KinglingJosh and Rebellion, are among the top tier players in Europe each playing for respected organisations in Fortnite such as Category 6 and Team Grand.

We aim to make Premier Online Gaming the premier destination for all online gaming tournaments and competitions. If you wish to check out what we have to offer, why not join our Discord?