Race to the Crown winners — Team Atlantis!

This weekend saw Premier Online Gaming host our first custom Fortnite squads tournament for quite some time but with a little twist — the first squad to reach 13 points was declared the winner. The point system was simple:

  • Victory Royales = 4 points
  • 5+ eliminations in a match = 2 points

The tournament features a slew of top tier organisations and teams such as the highly popular Team Secret, Team Atlantis and Mousesports.

Each team that won a match did so by getting both the win and 5+ eliminations.

Up until Game 4, it looked like it was a four horse race between Team Secret, Kinguin Black, Purge Dragons and Thunderboys, first two teams on 10 points and last two teams on 8 points. Team Atlantis on the other hand, had other ideas...

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